Can I go in consumer court for SBI home loan delay?

POSTED BY Jagdish Gahlot ON December 26, 2012 9:49 am COMMENTS (5)

Hi All,

I have applied for SBI home loan, and got approval letter on 1st Oct 2012 for so and so amount. Then after completion of my agreement I have submitted all the required document on 16th Oct 2012. 

When contacted before diwali (Nov 13), they told me that due to Diwali vacation there are lots of stack of files and your file will take 10-15 days more.

Since 30th Nov I am going every week to their office for the status of my file, but they are telling me it will be get done in coming week, next monday and so and so day and date….

Now I got the legal notice from my builder asking me to pay the amount in 15 days, as well as the interest (@ rate of 18% of amount 23 Lac till date). Also mentioning that if failure to this the agreement will get terminated and 10% of the total amount that I have paid (owner’s contribution which is 10 lac) will be charged for the a cancellation of the deal.

So in this matter can I go in consumer court against the delayed serives of SBI and what are the chances to get justice here in this matter. And if I go should I contact a lawyer on this behalf?

Please help and answer ASAP. Thanks in adv.

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  1. Jagdish Gahlot says:

    Thanks Manish and CodeExpert for your quick response… I will follow both the approaches as you mentioned.

  2. Also file a RTI once asking “How much time it takes for loan to be disbursed after the its approved” . I am sure things will be faster .

    Note that you can move to consumer court on the some loss mostly , but here its case of deficiency in service, which means you can surely move to Banking ombudsman , but as credexpert said , first make a complaint to SBI and only after 1 month you can move to banking ombudsman .

    Last thing is , Its SBI and its very known fact that it takes hell lot of effort and frustration to get the loan , but once its done, you will have a great time !


    1. VictimOfSBI says:

      Hi Sir,
      I have applied SBI Home Loan on 11-July-2016. From 01-August-2016, I am follow up regularly to the concern department, they are saying lot of reasons, Finally it halted at RACPC, now it is at Sanction officer. My Sale agreement will be expired at the end of this month, I have only 9 days left, in this 9 days From tomorrow(22-25) they have holidays (RACPC).

      Now I don’t know What to do, They are saying that we will try to complete it on Friday. But I don’t have much hope on them, I just want to know the alternatives of this issue.

      1. Shall I raise a complaint ?
      2. What shall I inform to the person who is selling flat to me ?
      3. If I raise a complaint, is there any chances of hurdles to my file, because my file is at end stage.

      But seriously, SBI Is worst they are showing me the hell.
      Could you please help me out

      1. Sorry I am late in replying to this, but honestly even I have no idea what can be done here.

        It would be interesting to know what exactly happened in your case !

  3. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Gahlot,

    It is unfortunate that the disbursal of your Home loan is delayed in spite of the continuous follow ups. In interest of saving time and termination of the agreement we would advice that you 1st register a complaint with the bank itself by clicking on the Feedback / Complaints link appearing on their home page

    After this, visit the bank with the print of your online complaint, legal notice received from the builder and present your case. There are chances the disbursal process is accelerated.


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