Can IT returns be filed on TDS deducted on FD, if the total income is less than 1.8Lakhs?

POSTED BY Ravi Teja ON November 9, 2012 8:17 am COMMENTS (4)


Could anyone answer the below 2 queries.

1. My wife has made an FD of 1 Lakh for 5 years and the interest received after 5 years is, lets say, 60,000. So, it’s more than 10,000 per year. Hence a TDS of 1000 (10%) will be deducted. Now, she being a house wife and has no other income and the interest she received from FD doesnot cross the 1.8 lakh slab. can we file returns for the deducted TDS?

2. And what should be the amount to be filled under “Income from other sources”? is it 10,000 or 60,000?




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  1. Dear Ravi, in the given scenario, form 15G can save the pain of TDS for you & your wife. for the already deducted TDs, she w’d have to file her ITR & claim back the refund.



  2. Dear Ravi, if she is a house wife, from where she managed the basic capital of 1L Rs. in first place? Regarding the form, it is 15G if your wife age is below 60Y. Onluy Sr. citizens are allowed to use form 15H. That’s a small correction in dear Manish’s reply.



    1. Ravi Teja says:

      Dear Ashal,

      She worked for 3 years and resigned last year. The basic capital is her savings.

  3. The TDS if cut at 10% will be 10% of 60,000 , thats 6,000 . 10,000 limit means , if your FD interest crosses 10k ,then TDS will be cut else not .

    Now as your wife does need to pay tax , she can file the tax return and claim back the interest part, but in this situation in future , your best option is to give form 15H to bank so that no TDS is cut – read this –


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