can we use Debit card as Credit card for online shopping .

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can we use Debit card as Credit card for online shopping .

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  1. bharat shah says: can use debit card for shopping only if you have balance in your bank account.

  2. Chethan S. says:

    If your requirement is to use debit card for online international transactions it may not be possible most of the times. This is mainly due to the fact that Indian banks have implemented VbV (Verified by Visa)/MasterCard SecureCode feature and many international merchants don’t use them. This results in failure of transactions. (Ref: Though the post indicates Axis bank debit cards work, recently I have seen friends report that it has stopped working in Google Play.

    You may want to check this service Entropay ( which claims to support creation of virtual credit cards. I have never used that and have only seen blog posts citing its usefulness. Again there are charges involved in it. Note that international payments also involve currency conversion charges.

    If your requirement is to buy things online from Indian stores you can easily use debit cards issued by our banks. If it’s a Visa branded card you will have to register for VbV and for MasterCard SecureCode if it’s a Maestro/MasterCard. Once this is done you will be able to authenticate transactions with OTP received by SMS/password created during card registration process. For enhanced safety you can go with virtual debit cards valid for one time use. All major banks have started providing this facility. IMPS/net banking would be other best options.

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