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Hi ..I want to clarify about a scheme. Is there any scheme named ” canara bank robecco equity saver” ?
Does that scheme contains the following features ?
One of my friend invested in this scheme on 2009 for 3 years with one time investment 25000 Rs . Then he was getting dividend 4000 Rs every 4 months once ..for 3 consecutive years. Recently he finished that scheme and got 39000 Rs lump amount as market value of 25000 Rs .
So he totally got 4000*3=12000 Rs (each year)
For 3 years 36000 Rs .(DIVIDEND FOR EVERY 4 MONTHS )
On finishing the scheme 39000 Rs .(MARKET VALUE OF 25000)
Totally he got 75000 Rs by simply investing 25000 Rs 3 years before .
With this credentials any schemes available in canara robecco… please inform me ..Is it good to invest ..

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  1. Dear Dhanasekar, in addition to what dear Ramesh has told you, your friend was plain lucky nothing else as he invested 25K one time in that scheme when the share market was down in 2009 (Jan to March period). It was a last minute investment to save tax, suggested by some one & add that market performance, now your friend can call himself champion. Please do note the returns are not gtd. in nature & you may get more or less than what your friend had received.



  2. Ramesh says:

    This scheme has declared dividend in Oct 2009 (20%=4200), Mar 2010 (20%=4200) and Oct 2011 (10%=2100). Not more, and not at all, every 4 months.

    Either your friend is bluffing or he is grossly mistaken.

  3. Who gave you this information . Ideally a equity fund gives the dividend only once in a year .. 4,000 dividend looks very high (16% on 25,000) , I would like to doubt that even once a year . Forget thrice ..

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