Capital gain on redemption– in income tax return

POSTED BY Dr Ramesh Prasad ON July 30, 2013 10:09 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Sir,

I had had redemption of 8 equity mutual funds–including Reliance Gold Savings Fund– in 2012-13.Security transacion tax was paid on redemption.

My  Capital Gain are as follows–

     (a) Total Long Term Capital Gains on redemption of 8 mutual funds—  Rs 103778.

      (b) Short Term Capital Gain on redemption of gold fund–  Rs  3148.

Please advise about the followings–

     (1) Should I mention the Long Term Capital  Gain  of Rs  103778 in the  Schedule–Exempt income –of ITR-2 ?

     (2) In which column should I mention the short capital gain of Rs 3148 ?

     (3) Will I have to pay tax @ 20% on  Short Capital Gain of Rs 3148 (without indexation) ?

Please address my queries?

Thanking you,


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  1. Dear Dr. Ramesh, for LTCG, fill in the details in Exempt income sheet. For STCG on Rel. Gold fund, please put in the details in your CG sheet & pay tax @ your slab rate.



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