cash procurement is benefit OR take loan against FD

POSTED BY Alok Mehta ON October 3, 2012 12:31 pm COMMENTS (2)

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  1. shiva prasad says:

    Dear sir,
       I am shiva prasad from Hyderabad.i have taken a personal loan in barckles bank. And I am not paying it since 10months because of some personal problems and more over I have lost my job
    And to bring to ur notice I have very bad credit score of 515.

    I also have a credit card from HDFC BANK and it was in over limit. I have paid the total amount now I am using it.and also paying full amount every month in time .but still I have not cleared my personal loan.collection guy is asking me to pay 50%of the amount and close the this a correct I am ready to pay the total due amount.

    Sir now my problem is how can I improve my CIBIL score.i want know banks update to CIBIL every month.if so if I pay the total amount and check my CIBIL score next month is there will be any improvement.kindly guide me.

    Thanking you

  2. Biswa Singh says:

    Loans are not nice if you really dont need them.

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