Category/Sector wise stocks to buy in 2011?

POSTED BY JayaprakashReddy ON December 31, 2010 12:41 pm ONE COMMENT

I would like have suggestions from this forum members about stocks to buy in 2011. I know there is nothing new or special to start buying only 2011, but would like to know hence forth what stocks should I pick from now as market is at its peak. 

Please consider this is for a new/old investor irrespective of current portfolio as well. You can treat this as a fresh investment for the next financial year.

My questions as follows:

– Small cap stocks to buy in 2011
– Mid cap stocks to buy in 2011
– Large cap stocks to buy in 2011
– Best sectors to invest in 2011

It would be great if you can put up stocks list for small/mid/large cap sector wise.

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  1. Sohil says:

    Sectors which wont be affected by recession

    Telecom,fmcg,pharma,infrastructure(in sense in recession expenditure on same is done more).

    But margins will be squeezed .For stocks to get their are many sites with respective analyst to give bets

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