Certified Financial Planner Course in India

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What are the scopes and ways to do CFP in India?

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  1. Chirag says:

    Thanks for the detailed explanation Manish.

    Yes I belong to all the 4 points you have mentioned above. The the first and foremost desire is to learn most of the things about the peraonal finance.

    I have heard that to continue holdong CFP degree one need to achieve particular number of points eveery year.


  2. Hi Chirag

    CFP can be done either directly from FPSB by getting the study material or you can get enrolled for classes offline at institutes, Even a lot of CFP’s take CFP classes. Some of them are amazing and teach you real things not bookish , but some are purely for business and manufacturing CFP’s and help you get “pass” the exam.

    Coming to scope of CFP . I would say , rather than CFP scope you should be considering Financial PLanning scope !. and more than that, you have to ask yourself , what can you bring on the table ! when it comes to advisory .

    If you just do CFP to “get a job” , I would say you can skip it , because you will mostly get SALES jobs . If you are lucky , you can get to work in some financial planning firm with some good work, but it can take patience and time .

    The only reason I would say you should do CFP is because

    1. You want to learn about Financial planning
    2. You want to build your advisory practice
    3. You are business oriented
    4. You are passionate about helping individuals in their financial life.

    I hope you got some idea about it !


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