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POSTED BY cpdhutadmal ON April 11, 2012 9:31 pm COMMENTS (6)

Practical Problem: I have a LIC agent since last x number of years. He comes to collect only premium payment cheques. Does not provide any other LIC related services. I am no more interested to keep him as a Agent. What can i do ?

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  1. Prasoon says:

    I also wanted to do the same for my LIC term policy. I found some information on Not sure, if that information is correct.
    However, I am not interested in the same now. As I will just dump this policy as soon as online term plan from LIC gets launched.

    Advice from justgrowmymoney is worth considering as well.

  2. Dear CPD, as you are following this forum, you are already aware of the views for LIC traditional policies. More over I’m unable to understand what more service you are asking form your agent if it’s a simple case of prem. pmt. only.



    1. HARISH says:

      We expect agent help in claiming policies and also payment reminders. If I can’t expect these two, then why do LIC need to deduct money from my premium and pay to agent as a commission?

      1. Thats how the product is designed !

  3. I dont think there is any procedure like that .. he will keep on getting the commissions from your premiums paid , irrespective of who deposited the premium and who came to collect it from you .


  4. Given that the plans themselves need to be surrendered in most cases why chase changing an agent? Dump LIC itself.

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