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  1. Dear Jinesh, your own claim is important to your family. if you quote the CR of all the insurers, nothing has zero. It means there are some claim settled in all insurers. Now in your case, if claim happens at all, there is no guarantee what soever that your family ‘ll get it from LIC or HDFC & not from other low CR insurers. Actually the honesty & truthfullness from you at the time of filling in the application form ‘ll decide the fate of your claim.



  2. jinesh shah says:

    Dear Ashal

    Idea of asking this was to move from LIC to PVt is beneficial but is it worth it depending upon other factors as claim ratio, services,

    I actually want to see cost/benefit analysis of both. and wanted if some body has experience on the same.

    1. Most of the claims rejected/delayed are ones in which the policy is less than two years old

      So if your LIC policy was taken a while back it is wise to continue it. Take additional insurance from an online insurer.

      of course assuming you have disclosed all relevant facts when taking the LIC policy

  3. Dear Jinesh, to go or not to go with Aviva is a perasonal choice. Please feel free to move for a higher sum assured if you required that or same Sum assured for a lower prem. It all depends upon your needs.



  4. jinesh shah says:


    I have Term plan from LIC for rs 25 lacs for which am payin 11000 as premium

    I saw that term plan from Aviva which is costing much less
    1) either can increased sum assured keeping annual premium same
    2) can come down substantially on annual premium

    any suggestions or views !!!!!!!!!

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