changing Joint ownership of property to single owner.

POSTED BY ram ON August 14, 2013 5:38 pm COMMENTS (4)

I had a house which is registered jointly on my name and my moms name. Now she want to make me the single owner of property.

So please let me know what need to be done and what are the various steps required to be followed.


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  1. ram says:

    Actually loan was taken from bank. Most of this loan I am paying she is paying 40k each year to save that we can submit 15h/g to save tds from bank.

    base amount 25% of loan amount was submitted from my account to bank at the time of taking loan.

  2. Dear Ram, does she paid any money from her pocket at the time of registration or was her name added just for Stamp duty saving?



  3. ram says:

    We purchase it and at the time of buying to save some stamp duty my father suggested me to make her joint owner.

  4. Dear Ram, how did your mother become joint owner of the property?



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