Changing old education loan to new base rate system

POSTED BY Haranath ON August 16, 2012 5:52 pm ONE COMMENT

I have taken education loan last year aug 2011. My education loan is with SBI. Currently loan is tied to SBAR system. Is it possible to move to RBIs new Base Rate system instead of SBAR
Currently rate of interest is 14.25 ( 0.5 below SBAR) whereas base rate is 11%

New loans are tied with base rate. Old loans are still with sbar and we are ending up with paying more interest. Why RBI is not taking any action.


I came to know that housing loan has an option to change from base rate to SBAR.

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  1. Dear Haranath, the Base Rate of SBI is 10% not 11%. To check the possibility of Base rate conversion for your existing Education loan, please check with SBI itself.



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