Charges and Fee for Mutual Funds

POSTED BY Erra Kommalaiah ON October 30, 2012 8:24 am COMMENTS (4)

How the mutual fund charges their annual maintenance fee from the investor? Does it reflect in the NAV we get against the amount investor pays? How can an investor calculate it from the statement it receives? Other than this any other charges?

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  1. Dear Erra, the NAV we see is net of charges & final value to us.



  2. Dominic Prakash says:

    I am a “DIRECT” investor. Yesterday for the first time I am seeing a “ECS Mandat SV CHGS Franklin Templeton MF” for Rs 56.18. Even I thought all these charges are adjusted in the NAV. It is going to be like ULIP I think.

    1. Dominic Prakash says:

      Sorry. Would like to revery my statement. This charge is from my blood sucking HSBC and not from Franklin.

  3. premnath says:

    You are lucky that you are asking me this question in No Entry Load era so there are only annual charges that you have to pay. Mutual Funds deduct Annual Maintenance Charges from the fund that you are investing. Charges depend on the type of fund & size of fund you are investing into. Charges are higher in case of equity funds if compared to debt funds – if size of the fund is big charges are comparatively low. Charges are levied in guidance of SEBI & maximum charges that are allowed in case of Equity fund are 2.5% & in case of debt are 2.25% in a year. These charges are used for asset management, distribution cost, custodian charge, registrar charge etc. These charges are automatically deducted from your NAV on daily basis. So the NAV you see is after adjusting these charges. It can’t be calculated through statement but you can check these expenses in monthly factsheet. Reliance Mutual Fund house in the market is charging reasonably and trying to provide max. benefits to customers.

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