charges involved in buying and selling shares

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Please advice what are the charges involved while buying and selling shares.

if we make profit, is it taxable?? if so whats the percentage???





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  1. Vijaya says:

    thanks Manish,

    I have an account with ICICI direct. Do you think they charges are good for the market or expensive??

    Appreciate your views.

  2. prabeesh says:


    did you miss brokerage?

    1. Err … I did

      I made the change in the comment ! 🙂 , thanks

  3. Vijaya

    You can buy shares only through demat account, so you pay

    – Yearly charges of demat account , which is anywhere from 200-500 per year (this is one time charge for whole year)
    – Brokerage while buying/selling
    – STT (securities transaction tax), this you pay when you buy and sell a share , this is required to make sure you get benefit of taxation .
    – Above this I dont think there are any additional charges .

    If you make any profit from equity in short term like 1 day , 1 month or 6 month which is less than a year , you pay 15% of the profit ! , if its more than a year, you dont pay any tax .

    Is it clear now ? or you need more info ?


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