child education & Retirement

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Hello all,
My two main goal are:
Child Higher education- 18 yrs Goal
REtirement- 20 Yr

I am investing in HDFC TOP 200 for child education 5000 pm. ( last one year )+ IDFC premiur equity- 3000 pm ( last 6 month)
for Retirement i want to invest 10000 pm. For this Should i go with single large cap fund?
If yes which one i should prefer:DSP,HDFC,Franklin
I have access to these AMCs directly.
Should i invest two largecap instead of one?

Debt PF: 2.5 lac in FD


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  1. Jig says:

    Thank you all for your response,
    I am planning to go with Quantum Long term equity for retirement planning.My final investment will be like this:
    HDFC TOP 200 : 5000
    QLTE: 9000
    IDFC PE: 6000


  2. Jig,

    First of all let me tell you, You are on right track. Just stay focused. The market ups and downs should not bother you. Infact if there is big crash, celebrate it and buy more funds every time there is an opportunity.

    Funds – I would say all are good fund. Regarding Retirement – One large cap and one equity opportunity fund should do the trick.

    Debt – I would not recommend FD. Go for PPF instead.


  3. Dear Jig, in my opinion, please invest in the same fund & under the same folio to keep the matter simple.



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