Chit Fund returns calculator

POSTED BY Daredevil13 ON January 9, 2013 9:15 am COMMENTS (2)

Did Manish come up with Chit fund returns calculator. IRR calculator does not seem to reflect the correct returns as it computes the premium yearly. 

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  1. You can use the same IRR calculator ..

    All you need to do is put the Numbers for each month (what you pay and what you get) .. Because you have put the numbers for each month, the IRR you will get will be for same duration (monthly) ., all you then need to do is convert it as yearly IRR to see whats the CAGR return . If your monthly IRR is mIRR , then you need to do this

    Yearly-IRR = [(1+mIRR)^(1/12)] -1 …. If you get .09 as answer , it means the answer is 9% ..

  2. Manish has only written an article about it. Because of the bidding system I think IRR may not work. As a mathematical exercise it is curious to try but I find some who already has

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