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I got my CIBIL Report with 555 score and complete history of my loan and credit card holdings. I got some information that was not in my knowledge like an extra CC and overdue amount that I have already paid to bank (was on loan) but they still shows as \\\”Overdue\\\”. Now I want to understand the impact of \\\”Written Off\\\” and \\\”Settled\\\” which have been used in my report and how I would be able to make them removed from this report in future.


Thanks in advance.



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  1. Muthu Krishnan V says:

    have raised the following query to CITIBANK:

    “In my cibil report, there are 24 (twenty four) different entries as follows

    member name: citibank
    date of enquiry: 08-04-2011
    enquiry purpose: credit card
    enquiry amount: 50000.

    I had applied for a citibank credit card around that time. But, I fail to understand as to why there should 24 enquiries for a single application. Can you explain the same?”

    1. It can be answered by the bank only .

  2. Muthu ,. What does bank say about this 25 enqiry ?


    1. Muthu Krishnan V says:

      did not check with them yet. will raise a query and see what they have got to say.

  3. Muthu Krishnan V says:

    to cibil,
    In my credit report, there were almost 25 instances of enquiry from citibank for credit card on the same day? How can you provide 25 queries to the same institution for the same type of finance on the same day? Would it not affect our scores?

    Others on this forum have also reported this problem for other banks. I tried to log a complaint, but could not as the date was past 60 days from the date of report.


  4. CIBIL says:

    For resolution of your queries, kindly write to us online by visiting the following url on our website:
    If any information on your CIR is inaccurate or needs to be updated, we shall be pleased to help you with the Dispute Resolution. The easiest way to initiate a dispute request is by submitting a duly completed On-Line Dispute Form available on our website:
    We would further like to advise you not to divulge personal / financial information on public forums.

  5. Credexpert says:

    555 is a low score,, the good news however is that it can be improved. again, such improvements are not “quick fix” solutions.
    We do provide precisely this service where we analyse your report and provide solutions as to what to do and how to do to correct and improve credit history and scores. Your score will have been impacted by what you mention ,,however there could be other factors also.

  6. Rajan Arora says:

    Thanks Manish for your reply.

    I have already read the details on link you provided and thought to go to bank for this thing. Just like to know how much it would take to update CIBIL once bank takes an appropriate action on my items.



  7. Rajan

    We have discussed them in detail here

    But not that you first have to contact the bank and first resolve the issue with them . If they need to be removed and its a bank mistake then they will remove it and update CIBIL

    If its your mistake, then you will have to pay off full outstanding amount and then bank will update CIBIL

    Untill its removed, better not to apply any loan


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