Cibil Score 477. Can i get house loan

POSTED BY Raj Vardhan ON October 30, 2012 3:41 pm COMMENTS (11)


I have a CIBIL score of 477. Can i get a house loan?

I have settled 2 cards and paid completely remaining 4 cards. I have just one credit card from HDFC bank left with me.

2 years back i got a home loan from HDFC. Just before that loan i setlled/paid for all the cards.

They needed an gurantor at that time and i produced one. But now i dont have any gurantor.

That time my cibil score was less than 400.

Has the rules changed now or it is still the same?

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  1. n says:

    Dear sir
    I have applied for home loan but due to low cibil score my home loan rejected we had sbi credit card /ABN AMRO BANK CREDIT CARD/PL FROM CANARA BANK I HAVE NOC SBI AND CANARA PLEASE SUGGEST WHERE I CAN DEPOSIT MY NOC
    Naveen sekhri

    1. You should go to the lender back and talk to them about removing the SETTLED status. For this, you might have to pay back the rest of the amount which you have not paid to the lender. NOC is not of much help here .

  2. Dear Raj, why do you want to go for one more loan, when you past history with credit handling is not clean & that too a big loan like home loan?

    Any clarifications?

    What is your current situation?



  3. There are multiple factors for Low CIBIL score! Please read our below article on five things you must know about CIBIL credit scores.

    Please visit us on for more information.

  4. nancy says:

    Hi Vardhan .

    This is Nancy form debt doctor management service, we basically help the people , whoes having the issue in cibil and cibil score improving. i have seen your above comments its your score is very less infact in future you can’t go for any loans or credit card because your score is very low. as consumer credit expert is saying that it will take a year of time to improve your score Exactly its wrong . it will take 45 days – 60 days to improve your cibil score. so kindly call me to resolve this problem ASAP.

    direct Number : 080-30732202
    Mobile Number : 9742138679

  5. ConsumerCredit Expert says:

    @Vardhan. Honestly, it will take you more than a year for you to improve CIBIL score. If you have any wrong entry in CIBIL report, that could be rectified and the score can improve.

  6. Raj Vardhan says:

    ya i have paid my home loan EMI always on time.. But still my score is not improving.. I want to know If there is anybody who provides consulting in improving the cibil score? I have to apply for my 2nd home loan in 6 months time.. I Have to improve my cibil score before that..
    I have sent mail to debt doctor but even after seding 3 reminders they have not responded back to me.My Email Address is

  7. 477 is seriously very low . Are you paying your earlier home loan EMI on time and there is no issue with it ?

  8. Ranjiniv says:

    Hi, if its CIBIL related issues, I suggest you talk to Debt Doctor. I’m sure they can help you ( 8904746772/ 080-30732247)

  9. PANKAJ says:

    @ Vardhan…
    477 will be considered a low score to get housing loan. Generally >750 used to be considered for obtaining a home loan from any PSU bank. Though I am not sure about private sector bank. You should get the NOC after closing any credit card or any loan a/c and submit the same NOC to increase your CIBIL score.


  10. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Vardhan,

    A score of 477 is very low. In order to understand the reasons for that and counsel you on the way forward, we would need to analyse your credit report. A lender would be extra cautious in considering your loan application. Each lender has its own internal policies for considering loan applications and these policies could change from time to time.


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