CIBIL score improvement for Home Loan

POSTED BY Jitendra Sanghani ON November 19, 2012 10:57 am COMMENTS (5)

I had applied for loan to purchase consumer durable with Bajaj Finserv, and they rejected it due to low cibil score. My score is 675.

I had settled 2 credit cards in past and apart from it i don’t have any loan, cheque bounce etc history. I am planning to purchase a house and hence i need you experts help for housing loan.

Do i need to improve my CIBIL score for housing loan? IF so, how to improve it?


Please let me know your valuable feedback.

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  1. shweta sharma says:

    Hi jitendra
    I had a similar problem with CIBIL. I got in touch with Credit Sudhaar( ) It was an absolutely fantastic experience from the start, brilliant and friendly. I recommend Credit Sudhaar to anyone with credit issues.

  2. nancy says:

    Hi jitendra.

    This is nancy from debt doctor management service. i have seen your comments above. are you saying that you want improve yous score to get the home loan, so kindly contact me to resolve this problem also to improve your score.

    Direct Number : 080-30732202
    mobile number : 9742138679

  3. Jitendra Sanghani says:

    Thanks Manish for your reply.

    I have settled card before 4 years. do I still need to make the full payment. I think the amount they will charge will be huge.

    Apart from credit card I have clear and good history in bank. I have salary account with HDFC from last 5 years and there was no cheque bounce or other late fees.

    You mentioned that “repayment of some kind of credit to constantly improve your score”, but now i am not getting credit card due to settlement. Do i have any other option to improve score.

    1. 2 points here

      1. The amount you didnt pay is still outstanding , it might have increased. Before 4 yrs, you went for the easier option and might have to pay the price for it now !

      2. Make a FD , take a credit card against that , you will mostly get it . Start using it !

  4. Definately you need to improve it for future . your past settlements (assuming you paid less than the outstanding) has to be repaid fully ! . Kindly contact the bank and repay the full . only then your score will go up . Apart from that, you also need to make repayment of some kind of credit to constantly improve your score , something like a credit card .

    See this

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