CIBIL score of 785 less?

POSTED BY Manohar ON May 29, 2012 8:22 am COMMENTS (15)

I just got my CIBIL TransUnion Score, and my score is 785. I just wanted to know if this score is less/more or it is comman among the visitor of this forum 😛

I think its less because I have only 1 credit card and all the payments are before due date only. I thought my score will be something close to 825 – 845.

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  1. Shafin says:

    On June month when i check my cibil score it showed 813, and now in july its only 785. How this decreased, i have car loan and its paying on time, using 1 credit card, no default has come in any of loans or card. How this decreased…can you plz explain. On the last 4 months i have used my credit card for 1lakh in last 4 months, and payed correctly.

    1. Sir,

      The CIBIL score calculation is a secret thing and no one knows how its calculated. If its 785 now, consider that to be the right figure, it was not correct earliar !

  2. Rohit Nayak says:


    My current credit score is 785. I am paying my EMIs without default. I do not have any credit card on me. I intend to purchase a house in next 6 months. Can I improve this score to 800+.
    Please guide me if it can be.

    1. There is no short cut for that. But 785 is a decent score if your credit report does not have any bad remarks.

  3. ConsumerCredit Expert says:

    CIBIL score of 785 puts you in 40th percentile. So it is neither good news nor bad news. You can definitely improve your score by not having higher utilization of credit cards, paying all your dues in time and having secured loans (such as mortgage, auto etc).

  4. niljag says:

    Hey Guys,

    I have read the articles and now I am clear with CIBIL and related stuff. Thank you!!


  5. niljag says:

    Thanks Guys! I shall go through the articles first. Thanks!

  6. niljag says:

    Hello Friends,

    I am not aware of this CIBIL TransUnion Score. What is this score? Why it is needed? And how can I know my score? Please suggeest.


    1. Deat Niljag, please read the articles’ link provided by dear Krishna Kishore Appala. Once you are done with your readings, you may post again here any doubts you may have in your mind for this Cibil thing.



  7. Manohar

    Apart from credit score , what also matters is your credit report and different kind of remarks in it . I can see that in your case its a clean report without much issues , so a score of 785 can be considered as a good score . 88% of the loans given in 2011 were to those who had score of more than 750 . So you stand a good chance of getting the loan . However its desired that you get more score , 800+ is something you should aim for .


  8. Manohar says:

    I guess you are right about lack of data because I have only one inquire about a credit card and that’s it.

  9. Dear Manohar, how did you come to the conclusion by yourself that your Cibil Score should be in the region of 825-845? Any score above 750 indicates credit worthiness. You can improve your credit score over the period by sincerely paying your credit card dues timely. In your case, it’s possible that you are using 80-90% of your card limit for each month. this may impact your credit score negatively.



    1. Manohar says:

      I assumed Cibil Score should be in the region of 825-845 because I don’t have any other loans or cards and I have been paying all the bills on time. I may have been wrong here.

      As you mentioned, that it may be possible that I am using 80-90% of your card limit for each month. But that is not the case. I have a credit limit of 1.25L and my CC bill ranges from 5000-10000 each month and always pay my bill in full before due date.

      1. Dear Manohar, another case may be inquiries by you for fresh loans like Personal Loan or Home loan. Alternatively, there may be a case for lack of data as you are using only one credit card & no other loan data is there to show any positive or negative impact.



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