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POSTED BY Ganesh Kulkarni ON November 9, 2012 4:51 pm COMMENTS (11)

Manish Ji,

    I am not an expert in finance or investments.

But your blog & books have made me to take interest in these things.

I am very thankful to you for that.

I have received my CIBIL Score within just 15 minutes time after applying for it on 7th NOV 2012.

My score is 792

Still I m not eligible in banks record for credit cards & Consumer Loans.

There are several false things in my CIBIL, otherwise my CIBIL Score could have been more than 850.

I am confident on my financial record, I am not even a defaulter for Rs 100 to anybody.

Please help me….. How to get rid of these false statements?




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  1. Sivaprakash says:

    My civil score is 792 and still iam not able to get my personal loan.

    1. What does your report say !

  2. Dear Ganesh, what’s the update from you as on date?



  3. Shakthi says:

    Hi ganesh,
    this is shakthi from debt doctor i can understand your problem and now lets see how we rectify your CIBIL issue. If you would like to consult with me on the issue please feel free to call me on 9663660022/080-30732246or email me on


  4. Gaurav Thakur says:

    Hi Ganesh,

    792 is a good CIBIL Score. I am not sure about everyone but I do know that, a few banks have a CIBIL score cut off criteria of 775+ for the grant of Personal Loans / Credit Cards. I guess one problem could be a default against your name, which means that in the past the bureau has a record that you have defaulted on one of your loans. If default is the problem, then “Dispute Resolution” is the only way out. As long as there’s a default, you can say good bye to any kind of loans no matter how small the sum is.

    Hope the above is helpful.


  5. CIBIL says:

    CIBIL’s core business is to collect and maintain the credit history of consumers. CIBIL obtains this information from Credit Institutions. This information is collated into CIBIL Credit Information Report and provided to CIBIL’s members & consumers at their request. CIBIL cannot modify any information in the database without confirmation from the relevant member. CIBIL contains both positive and negative information. CIBIL is not a defaulters list.
    Consumers can purchase their own Credit Information Report or Score Report from CIBIL. For assistance regarding purchase of your CIBIL Report, kindly visit our website:

    1. CreditReport Guru says:

      Thanks CIBIL for your reply. Why are you not providing your consumer to buy CIR and/or Scores separately? Your monopolistic attitude is hurting consumers.

      Please consider this as a genuine request from the community. Otherwise, we will complain to CCI (yes, they will fine you more than the Rs 470 you make from those faulty reports and taking consumers for a ride).

      C G

  6. this means there has been Identity Theft . Someone with your name and identity has taken loans or some other person with same name or address info is mixed with your records. You need to follow up on this with bank and cibil . Open a dispute resolution with CIBIL –


    1. Ganesh Kulkarni says:

      Thank you so much… Manish ji

      But if my score is above 750… why I am getting straight forward rejection with just 20,000/- consumer durable loan?

      Rejection of loan is not my worry.

      But the reason is my worry. Pls guide…

      As per your guidelines I am implementing on Dispute resolutions.

      Thanks again. HAPPY DIWALI TO U & FAMILY….

      1. Score of 750+ does not mean you will get a loan, score of 750+ just means that your past is better . now its upto the bank on how they look at that score . Bank might have an internal policy to give loans only to those who have score of more than 800 + clean report . In your score none of them is true !


        1. Ganesh Kulkarni says:


          Any ways… I’ll update you about the results of dispute resolution…

          Thanks you so much for your valuable time.

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