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Hi Friends,


I have an dispute regarding the payment outstanding with Citibanl credit card. The amount is for 16,464/-. When I emailed the card care team they said if you pay the full amout they will update the cibil status as ‘null with nil outstanding. Shall I go ahead and pay the amount and can I apply for a home loan or a credit card in next 30 days?

And also would like to know can use the Citibank credit card once I pay the outstanding charges, however the card was issues in 2009. Please confirm.

Thanks and regards,

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  1. Suresh Agarwal says:

    Ashal Jauhari Sir
    5 years back I transferred from Pune to Pimpri.I hold the credit card of City Bank.The cc was used rarely.I made mistake that new address was not informed.There was not any intention to pay the bill.The bill was sent to Pune office address. Unfortunately I was in mind that there is no dues.I did not receive any call on my cellphone regarding the dues.After 1 year of time they (City bank) contacted at my residential landline phone I was shocked and asked them why were you not contacted me earlier? anyway they tell me the due amt of Rs.5000 including the penalties and interest.I apologised for the delayed payment and requested them not to charge penalties they agreed and told me to pay approx Rs 2000 waiving penalty.I paid the amt suggested by them.They also agreed not to inform at CIBIL.I paid the amt immediately.But after a long period of time I came to know that my name was appeared in CIBIL.
    Please suggest me the procedure how shall I remove my name from CIBIL?
    How can I restart my CC?
    How should I pay the remaining amt?
    Are by showing the statements of HDFC & ICICI cc and my bank a/c?
    Give me the contact details of City bank customer relation officer pl.

  2. Prasad G says:

    Please confirm if status of the cibil is updated as Null with Nil outstanding means…there will not bad marks on my report correct?

    1. Yes , its one of the things which will improve. But then there is something called as DPD for each month for last 36 montsh which shows how many months of dues you didnt pay , thats something which will be there for last 36 months

  3. Prasad G says:

    Hi Ashal,

    Thanks again.

    So the status of the cibil will be updated as Null with Nil outstanding means…there will not bad marks on my report correct?

  4. Dear Prasad, If you are paying back your CC dues only today, it ‘ll take almost 2-3 months to get your status rectified in CIBIL report. Please take note of this. So you should not think of applying for any new loan in between, be it for home loan or CC.

    In case you are still holding that Citibank CC & it’s active, you can use it to improve your credit score for your future loan applications.



    1. Prasad G says:

      Hi Ansal,

      Thank you very much for the speedy reply.

      As per the Citibank team they said they will report it to cibil every month. So is it not possible for me to apply for a cc or loan once they update it?.

      Also, I am not sure whether the cc is active, however I do have the card which I have not used for 3 years. How do I check if it is active

      1. Dear Prasad, as you had a overdue on your CITIBank CC which was not paid by you, in all probability it had been blocked already by CITIBank. In my personal opinion, first of all, please pay the dues & restore the Card by contacting CITIBank.

        Once this CC is active, use it sparingly to improve your Credit Score.

        In case you do not want to go with Citibank again for your CC needs, the option is to go for a secured CC against a FD. Please open a FD of 20-25-30K amount & receive an instant CC of 90% valuation of the FD. Almost all frontline banks are offering these FD Linked secured CC now a days.



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