Claiming LTA – Domestic Package Tour

POSTED BY Kapil ON May 29, 2013 12:28 pm COMMENTS (8)

Hello Experts,

I had bought a doemstic MakeMyTrip packaged tour. Since, I got only single invoice mentioning the lumpsum amount which includes Flight Tkt, Hotel Stay + food, sightseeing etc, how can I claim LTA?

MakeMyTrip cannot provide me an Invoice listing the break-up of each item, as they cannot disclose the discounted prices they might have paid to each vendor.

Has anyone claimed LTA on a packaged tour? Can anyone assist me here?



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  1. SUMIT1MITTAL says:

    Hi Kapil

    Did you got a resolution for your problem. I am facing a similar issue.
    problem is at airline website also they do not show exact fare and mention it is a flight hotel package hence contact travel agent. And makemytrip does not provide segregated details..


    1. Kapil says:

      No Sumit. I did not. My employer did not accept the suggestions which are provided on this forum.

  2. Dear Kapil, you may calculate your amount the way I told above.



    1. Kapil says:

      My employer is not ready to accept such calculation. They say that there should be some invoice which should talk about amount that was paid for flight tickets.

      1. Ashish Garg says:

        Dear Kapil,

        Since you have actually traveled, you must be having boarding passes of the flight. Go to respective airline website and use the PNR number, try to re-generate the ticket associated with the PNR number (I think at least Spicejet – PNR Look up and Go Air – Modify/Cancel/Retrieve booking, has such facility).

        If that is not possible with above, write to respective airline with travel and ticket details, they should be able to send you the copy of ticket.


  3. Kapil says:

    My employer is very strict in documentation work and requires me to provide e-ticket mentioning the amount that I had spend in travel, only then they would provide me exemption.

    Nowadays, I believe, almost 50%-70% people on a tour prefer packages. How do they claim LTA benefit?

  4. Ashish Garg says:

    Dear Kapil,

    Please read the news published in Economic Times, Mumbai on Jan 29, 2009 about supporting document submission to employers for claiming LTA benefit. As per the new items, it is not necessary to provide bills for claiming tax benefits.

    In mos cases, if the bills are not their companies chose to be safe and go with the 1st class AC train fair for the trip (which is easily available).


  5. Dear Kapil, please chedck the prices of the hotel you are staying as well as the travel expenses individually on the same site & note down for your referecne. This ‘ll be your amount to calculate the LTA amount available for tax benefit.



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