Clarification needed on CIBIL score

POSTED BY Krishna Kishore Appala ON April 29, 2012 4:55 pm COMMENTS (6)

Hi Everyone ,

I moved around many cities due to my father’s job transfers and all.
I had opened savings bank accounts of Axis , Corporation , ICICI in various cities.
But due to some reasons , i didnt able to close the accounts. And all the balances in that are zero , becoz i am not maintaning those accounts.

Will this have any impact on my CIBIL score ?

Becoz i applied for Hdfc credit card and got rejected thrice.

Pls help me in clarifying this doubt !

Thanks in advance

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  1. ConsumerCredit Expert says:

    you can clear your name off CIBIL defaulter list if it was wrongly reported by any bank. That would boost your credit profile as well as CIBIL score.

  2. venu gopala swamy says:


    I , venu gopala swamy.b an engineer. un knowingly i have been entered in CBIL. defaulters

    list. recently i have been rejected by HDFC bank when i applied for personel loan. my score is

    560. i have been entered in CBIL due to credit card settlements. now my request is please

    clarify my doubts.

    A) which is the best way to clearoff my name from CBIL to improve the score ?

    B) any agency to correspond on behalf of me with CBIl to clearoff ?

    c) Now i required personel loan to meet my emergencies. is there any genuine pvt.financiers or non banking agencies to provide personel loans without considering CBIL

    D) i came to know that there is one site i.e is it believable? to take loans or please intimate any other sites to provide personel loans ?

    F) finally guide me to get personel loan guinienly without considering CBIL As I am engineer in govt.sector having salary 57,000 p.m take home

    1. Dear Venu, please read my reply given to your direct query in the below post.




  3. Dear Krishna, first of all, please apply for your credit report from CIBIL + score to know where you stand today in terms of credit worthiness.

    If you are so much interested to use a credit card, you have the option to open a FD linked credit card. Once you have a healthy history of 6-9 months from this FD linked credit card, you may approach the same bank to issue a normal credit card.



  4. No , saving bank accounts does not impact CIBIL score at all .. but you need to find out why your credit card got rejected . Look at your credit report once

  5. Adarsh says:

    CIBIL captures information about your credit history & borrowings
    ie, CIBIL score reflects your credit worthiness.
    Opening & closing savings account doesn’t have any impact on the same.

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