CLEAR TAX people not responding.

POSTED BY sunil ON July 27, 2012 4:52 pm COMMENTS (17)

I have E-filed my wife’s ITR through Clear Tax on 18th of this month. However, there is not acknowledgement from Income Tax department (NO ITR-V) till date.

I have sent several mails to Cleartax people but none of them answered.

I want to know the status of the return that i filed.

If that is not filed correctly i need to have enough time to file it through a CA.

Can anyone here (may be Manish) can take this to cleartax people’s notice.

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    Please never pay for any CA service to Cleartax. I did and now I am repenting. They allocated an amateur CA to me. I am not even sure if he was a CA. I knew better calculations than him. He tried 4 times, but each time he provided incorrect return amount.

    I finally had to hire another CA to get my job done. They stopped responding and never gave my money back. Like this they wd nt sustain for long in the market. Please share this as much as possible. Just mere bunch of unprofessional people, cheating people for their money.

    1. Thanks for sharing that KAMALJEET KAUR

  2. Rakesh says:

    Hello Archit,

    Your support sucks. I have sent many emails to who is assigned CA to me. The support ticket number I opened on Aug 1st, 2016 (#319306) .

    Also I have paid INR 799 and my Order number is Na79ToKb8n5F.

    Can some one call me and help me in e-filing?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rakesh Kumar A

  3. Romesh says:

    I filed my return via cleartax this year but I faced one problem. I asked ClearTax support many times but they are not replying even after 8-10 days. My request number is #138582 and there is no telephone number also to contact cleartax.
    I doubt their support is as good as people said.

  4. Ranganath says:

    Hi Archit,

    I have made a payment to avail service from the CA’s at clear tax, the response has been awesomely slow, when I ask for a refund no one gets back to me. It says that premier support is for the people who pay where we can have a call, even though I paid I did not receive a number I call nor do I know who is the Ca that has been assigned to me.

    I can file my own tax’s but I paid for the service hoping they would solve my confusion with my form -16 and my declarations. How can I get my refund as I got “0” help so far.


  5. sekhar says:

    Cleartax service is not responding the mails. Because i raised mail to clearetax, got acknowledge but there is not response for that. if they respond, the user can act as per the response.

    Suggesting to respond mails either that the asked service is there are not?, so that, the user can take alternative.

    1. Thanks for sharing that

  6. Praveen Mathew says:

    Hey Archit,

    I have did an e-file using ClearTax on July 31st, but have not received any acknowledgement of the status or the ITR-V form. I got an email from your support with a link to check status, but it always says “No response from IT servers”.

    Please let me know my status of e-file and how to get my ITR-V form. I only have till end of this month to cross the 120 days deadline to send the ITR-V form. Please help me.

    I am not getting any response from your support after repeated emails. This is my latest ticket number:#7069 opened on Nov 16th. Please provide a phone number to contact ClearTax.


  7. 1shortlife says:

    Hey Archit,

    I have filed my info and paid Cleartax on 10-Oct. I haven’t received any type of acknowledgement so far. I have sent a couple of emails in the past 2 days , however no replies so far. I have a request number too #6990. I need to know what the next steps are in this process and when I need to send the docs to the IT dept. Please advise.


  8. Archit Gupta says:

    Hello Ajay and RajKumar,

    ClearTax has now been sending ITR-V acknowledgements when customers don’t receive it directly from Income Tax Department website or are not able to download it directly.

    We have additionally a tutorial with screenshot for you to help download the ITR-V directly from Income Tax Department website as well:

    Kindly reach out to support – at – email alias with your questions. We will help out asap.

    Archit from ClearTax Support Staff.

  9. rajkumar says:

    The same problem exists for me also. I have filed my IT return 9 days ago and still i didnt get the ITR-V form. I have submitted many queries to cleartax people. They are not responding it.

    My request id is #2831 and i posted it on July 25.

    I hope Archit Gupta will answer for this.

  10. Ajay says:

    Sunil – I had the same problem of not ITR-V not sent by the IT department. However yesterday when i logged in to cleartax there was a link on how to download the ITR-V from the IT Dept website.

    Here it is.

    Pls use this and see if you can download the form.

  11. Archit Gupta says:

    No problem Sunil, our support is awesome that they can get to people quickly 🙂

    Till 31st July, response time is going to be slower. Do not worry, they will help out.

  12. sunil says:

    Thanks Archit,

    Last time i has the response time as less than 10 mins, so i was a bit worried on this time when i haven’t got an answer for 3 hours….
    Thanks for answering.

  13. Archit Gupta says:


    You had sent in a query on 27th July (today) at 1:15 PM.

    It has been less than 3 hours since you sent in your question.

    Response time near 31st July is going to be slower as this is peak tax season time.

    You cannot expect a turn-around time of 3 hours and start posting in forums that ClearTax people are not responding.

    Support will get to you in the order your query was received. I think they are going to clear the queue in the next 4 hours. Be patient.

    1. Anil says:

      Hi, I have mailed clear tax regarding refund and got a ticket(#216886) but no response from 2 days , please check and let me know.

    2. Sameer says:

      Its almost 5 6 days i have filed an Return but did not got any reply from tax as well as clear tax side!!!!
      Now when i am checking it is still saying to pay the amount with increased amount as interest
      Please check as i am not getting any single response from clear tax side!!!

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