Closing previous employer\’s PF account for home loan

POSTED BY Shatthi ON October 29, 2012 3:39 pm COMMENTS (2)


I have my previous 2 companies pf account, where i worked less than 3 years. For some reason my pf transfer submitted with emplyer 2 is vanished/missed. This i came to light only i left my employer 2. So now i have my 2 PF accounts lying without contribution.

I would like to close them for my home loan now. Is it possible to withdraw 2 of my PF accounts towards home loan? Will I be taxable for closing these 2 accounts?




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  1. Shatthi says:

    Thanks for Response Biswa.

  2. Biswa Singh says:

    i dont think you have to pay any tax. You can close both and use it for home loan.

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