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Dear All,

Please advise how the buying and selling of commodity is done on the stock market, what is the procedure and what is the minimum investment.

what is the brokerage charges charged by the broker for this.

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  1. Jagadees says:


    have look at this article in moneylife on how to buy commodities in demat form –
    My personnel opinion is dont deal with commodities unless you have have sufficient expertise in that area. Lot of cheap money from US is chasing these commodities and driving their prices up leading to wild speculation. For example last year silver shot up 76% in just 4 months. i dont see any fundamentals other than speculation behind the sudden spurt.


  2. There are 3 exchanges dealing with commoditis

    1. National Commodity and Derivative Exchange
    2. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd
    3. National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.

    All three have electronic trading and settlement systems and a national presence.

    You can have account with ICICI DIrect or Sharekhan to do commodity trading .

    The minimum amount with which you can start is 10,000

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