Company Fixed deposits – Which is better and how to find their CRISIL rating?

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In the past I have always invested in Bank FDs, but now for the 1st time I am planning to invest around 50K – 1 lac in corporate FDs, due to the higher interest rates offered by them.

I am planning to invest in FDs by Unitech or Jai Prakash Associates. I tried to find the ratings for them on CRISIL, but couldn’t locate the same (chkd the link ‘Ratings List > Credit Ratings list’ but couldnt find these companies), can someone plz guide me or provide a link of corporate FD ratings on the CRISIL site?

Also, according to you which amongst Unitech & Jai Prakash Associates is safer? Any other company FD that you would recommend (out of personal experience) ?


P.S. – I Have already gone through the blog article –


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  1. Vaibhav Goyal says:

    Many thnx for the info. But as Manish said, plz do provide the source for this and the link to find ratings on the CRISIL/ICRA site, if you are aware of the same.

    Good idea, will go thru people’s reviews on

    @All forum readers,
    Still waiting for the answer on how to find ratings for corporate FDs on CRISIL/ICRA sites. Do share if u r aware of it. Yes, they can probably be found through google, but it would be good to know how to locate them on the official website.

  2. Atul says:

    Hi Vaibhav,

    Since Company FDs give more returns compared to normal Bank FDs the risk is higher.

    I checked people feedback regarding JP Associates and Unitech on and found that there have been lapses in getting the receipts, withdrawals etc.

    Please take your own call.



  3. balaji bs says:

    dear friend,

    thanks for ur question plz find below corporate deposits which offers better returns with high ratings as follows

    1. Mahindra Finance Samruddhi Fixed Deposit:

    · Rated FAAA by CRISIL indicating high safety

    · 9.50% p.a interest for 3 years (Cumulative Option)

    · 0.25% p.a additional interest for Senior Citizens

    · One of India’s leading NBFCs with a vast network of over 450 branches

    · Assets Under Management in excess of Rs. 10,000 Cr

    · Profit Before Tax (PBT) crossed Rs. 500 Cr for 2009-10

    2. J.P. Associates Fixed Deposit:

    · High attractive interest rates ranging between 10.50-11.50% p.a.

    · Minimum investment amount of just Rs. 20,000

    · A listed company engaged in the business of Construction, Cements, Engineering, Power and Hospitality

    · Profit After Tax (PAT) of over Rs. 1,700 Cr for 2009-10

    3. HDFC Platinum Fixed Deposit:

    · Rated FAAA and MAAA by CRISIL and ICRA respectively indicating highest safety

    · Offers attractive rates of 8.50-8.80% p.a for 22/33 Months tenure

    · 0.25% p.a. additional interest for Senior Citizens

    · Loan against deposit available after 3 months from the date of deposit

    · One of India’s premier housing finance companies with loan disbursements in excess of Rs. 50,000 Cr (2009-10)

    · Profit After Tax (PAT) of over Rs. 2,800 Cr for 2009-10

    4. Shriram Unnati Fixed Deposit:

    · Rated FAA+ by CRISIL and MAA+ by ICRA indicating high safety

    · Attractive interest rate of 10% p.a for 3 years

    · Minimum investment amount of just Rs. 25,000

    · Largest asset financing NBFC in India

    · Profit After Tax (PAT) of over Rs. 870 Cr (2009-10)

    · Consistently making profits and paying dividends

    1. What is the source of Information ? Link ?


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