Company not allow to transfer the PF ac

POSTED BY Ravindra Sudam Pinge ON August 16, 2012 7:45 pm ONE COMMENT

My situation
in 2007 i worked with Com-A for 9 month But due to some problem created by company i resigned to my job.but it is not accepted by company & i left company without taking the reliving letter .now i want to transfer my accumalted PF to my new acc i applied for 3 times through my New Com-B.but no use.For tranfer new company required attastation by old company.Com-A still not agree to attested the letter.plz help me to resolved my problem

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  1. Ravindra

    This is solvable , but will take a little more time and effort , note that if previous employer creates any issue and does not sign at relvent places, you can have it done by a gazzated officer or bank manger or someone of that kind .

    Read this for

    I will write on this soon !

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