Continue PF account without an employer

POSTED BY Amitabh ON October 3, 2010 8:17 pm ONE COMMENT

My brother worked in 2 companies for almost 2.5 years each, now he has moved to a third company. Problem is that his current company doesn’t have PF in salary structure. Because of these, the PF from the previous 2 companies can not be transferred to a new PF.

As he has worked for these companies for less than 2.5 years, a withdrawal would attract income tax and would off-set any interest which might have accrued so far.

Also, my brother doesn’t need this money and he wants it to keep it in PF only for future contigencies (with 9.5% interest, who can blame him 🙂 )

Is it possible to continue a PF account without employer’s contribution ? Also if he just leaves this PF alone, will the account become inactive after a while ?

Would appreciate any help on this.



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  1. Veeresh says:

    Hi, as far my knowldge, will be continued with same PF account number,But without empolyer contribution, Earned interest on PF account will be taxed.

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