Continue with MFs or invest in Realty during this period?

POSTED BY Kapil ON September 23, 2013 8:42 am ONE COMMENT

Dear Manish,

I recently visited a well-known broker from Pune to look at 1 BHK flats for my sister-in-law. During the discussion, he told me that if I had some monies to spare – say 8 to 10 lakhs – it would be good to use it \’for investment\’, which meant that I could pre-book a flat with a builder who had launched a scheme that had barely begun construction. I am not sure of the paperwork involved but he mentioned everything would be in writing. I asked if he helped in such a case. He said this was his \’core competency\’.

Now, although I am invested in mutual funds, I am witnessing that the markets are bad (I do know that if I wait out this period, I could accumulate more units per mutual fund and would be in a better financial position, perhaps in the next 3 years or so) and I think I could pull out the monies and instead invest them in such an opportunity.

I would request if you can do an article that details the pros and cons of taking such a step, steps to guard oneself while doing this and info required to do this.

Thanks, looking forward to your response.


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Kapil, how can you be so sure that in next 3Y period, the builder ‘ll indeed be able to provide you the possession. Do you want to use the house in question for consumption or for investment?

    Realty sector is about to crash. When, I do not know. 🙂



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