Contradiction in RTI responses

POSTED BY Atul ON September 29, 2012 6:21 pm COMMENTS (2)

I had EPF accounts with my previous two employers (Company A in Pune & Company B in

I first filled the form to transfer amount from A to B then another form to withdraw the
entire amount from B.

The problem is when I withdrawal amount from B then I got the partial amount. On
checking the amount I found that they gave me amount from B only.

First I filled RTI for A, followed by another RTI for B.

I am surprised to see the responses. Following is the RTI request & responses.

RTI for A

1. Question – Have you received my application for transfer of PF Account from A to
B? If answer is yes, please mention date of receipt of application(s) and its current
Answer: Yes, an application for transfer for funds from A to B was received
in this office vide computerized receipt No. xxxxxx on xxx. Current Status:- An
amount of has been transferred to B through NEFT (National
Electronic Fund Transfer) to Bank A/c No xxxx vide UTR xxxxx
and the payment has been credited into the said bank account number on xxx

2. Question – Did amount transfer to B account or not? If yes then what was the
amount transferred?
Answer: Amount of Rs xxxx has been transferred to B.

3. Question – Did you send the Annexure K (transfer confirmation) to Bangalore office
to effect the transfer in to B account?
Answer- Yes, the Annexure K was forwarded with F113 documents to the Cash
Section for onward transmission to concerned office.

RTI for B (while filling this RTI I attached first response as well)

1. Question – Have you received the PF transfer amount from A to B? If answer is yes
then please mention the date & amount received?
Answer: The form 13 received in this office has been forwarded to RPFC Pune
for transferring the provident fund accumulation from Pune Office to K.R. Puram
(SRO Whitefield). However the same is not yet received in this office. A copy of the
forwarding letter is enclosed.

First RTI response says amount was transferred however another RTI response says
they have not yet received the amount.

Please suggest what to do now? Whom should I approach?

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  1. Dear Atul, what is the query?



    1. Atul S says:

      Pune office is saying they transferred the amount mentioning all the details, Bangalore office is saying they did not receive any amount.

      My question is where did money go? Whom should I contact now ?

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