Corporate FDs

POSTED BY Rahul9 ON March 28, 2011 1:18 pm COMMENTS (4)

Anybody here who uses Corporate FDs as an investment vehicle?How good or bad are they?Any specific that you would recommend?

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  1. Rahul9 says:

    I actually have invested a sum of 15k in Yash Birla Power Solutions FD,for a period of two years.Is this a wise investment?

    1. As I said, it has all those risks which comes with corporate FD’s , if they bust, you wont get your money , if they delay , you cant do much , but stay mum ! .

      If it was bank deposits , these problems will not arise .

      I am not saying you have made any wrong investments , all the disadvantages are highly low probability events. But you shouild be knowing about it .


  2. Rahul9 says:

    Like Always…
    Thank You Manish!


  3. Corporate FD’s provide better return than Bank FD’s because they are more risky in nature . You can go for it , but make sure you accept the risks involved .



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