Correct Investment Policy for my pocket

POSTED BY Afaque Shaikh ON April 12, 2012 12:52 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi ,
My name is Afaque,

I want to invest 50k in an investment plan for 5yr. Can u suggest me with a safe and assured returns plan.
On my recent visit to HDFC bank the agent adviced me to invest in HDFC Crest plan.

Looking forward to your valuable advice

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  1. Dear Afaque, ‘ll you invest 50K one time or 50K yly for next 5Y? can you clarify? What you are planning to do with these 50K Rs. & some addition on it after 5Y, any goal?



  2. Ramesh says:

    Go with a FD/RD as per your convenience. Nothing else will provide an assured return.

    HDFC Crest plan is anyways a 10 year plan. Do not go with any type of Insurance plan.

    If you want to save tax, there are tax-saving 5 year FD also (but your money is locked for 5 years). While in a normal FD, you can liquidate the FD, in case of need (though, with some penalties).

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