Correction in medical declaration of Health insurance policy

POSTED BY Prasoon ON June 27, 2012 12:45 pm ONE COMMENT

I was holding a Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Floater policy since last four years. This year I decided to migrate it to Optima Restore Family Floater. After getting the policy, I thought to get propsal form to check, because all the details were being fetched from first proposal form of 2008. When I checked, I found few mistakes due to ignorance at that time. I wrote a letter to them describing all the details and medical conditions –

1) Liver disorder – Had jaundice in 1997, Fully recovered – Yes
2) Eye disorder – Wear glasses since 1985, Fully recovered – No
3) Nervous system disorder – Was under medication between 1989-1990, Fully recovered – Yes

I received an acknowledgement of that letter via e-mail. After one month, when I checked with them, they replied – With reference to the case no. XXX,XXX , our team concern has reviewed the medical documents and allow the policy to continue .

Well and good, but my question is what proof do I have that I made a declaration? What if they say that I had not made this declaration earlier. Do I need to demand anything from them or should I wait for next renewal to see the changes in proposal form. Or should I just believe in Apollo Munich that they won’t come down to this cheapness of lying?

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  1. Dear Prasoon, you may ask for duplicate proposal form issued to you after including the latest info for past medical history. In all probability, Apollo ‘ll provide you the updated proposal form.



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