Creating Corpus for child’s Education and Marriage

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Hi Manish,

I am a working lady with not much awareness on the best investment options available.

I can save around 17k per month after all expenses. I want to create a corpus of around 50 lakhs for my daughter’s education and marriage. She is currently 2 years old.

Goal           Amount    Years

Education – 30 lakhs – 15 years

Marriage – 20 lakhs – 22 years

Can you please suggest me the fund names and the amount i need to put every month to achieve the same. If any other modes of investment are also required then please suggest the same.

Currently I am only investing 5k in gold every month. Also put in 70k every year in PPF

Your inputs would help me take the decision at the earliest.



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  1. Around 8,000 month would be required to invest to generate a corpus of Rs 30 lacs after 15 yrs @10% return

    And Around 3,000 per month would be required to invest for 22 yrs @10% to generate another 20 lacs.

    So in total you need to invest around 11k per month . You already have the capacity of Rs 17,000 per month . I would say start investing the full 17,000 each month and if possible invest more and more , because you never know what lies ahead in future .

    you can invest this money in Equity mutual funds, Balanced funds, or incase you are too risk averse , opening a RD is also an option , but limit it , i would say .

    Apart from this, you also have investment in Gold and PPF which would make your wealth easy ! .

    I used this calculator

    Good luck . Let us know if that helped !


    1. selvaraj says:

      Hi Manish,

      Other than the investment in Gold option you have suggested, is it not unfair to simply ask them to invest in equities MF, when you really don’t have any past record for such a long period?. It would have been better if you could have given few funds that have performed as you have assumed for 15 year and 20 year period to instill confidence.


    2. Joann says:

      Thanks Manish for ur inputs. Can u also name few equity mutual which I can start investing.

      since am nt 2 knowledgable in finance- ur inputs would prevent me from putting in wrong funds.


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