Credit card annual fee concession

POSTED BY Jitendra Chittoda ON June 3, 2013 11:24 am COMMENTS (4)


I was given first year free to use a credit card. After completing first year, credit card company billed me the annual fee, which is expected. But some my friend told me that you can negotiate on annual fee part and that is what I did and they reduced my annual fee by half.

My question is, Does that impat my credit history?

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  1. Jitendra Chittoda says:

    Hi Rajashri,

    Every bank provide range of credit cards for different purposes and with different reward points. So all lifetime free cards are having limited offers and low reward point rate. And if you want better offers and higher reward points then you would have to opt for annually paid credit cards.
    I use a credit card on which I get 2.5% discount on fuel. 5% discount on utility bills. These features would not come with the lifetime free credit cards.

    Jitendra Chittoda

  2. rajarshi ray says:

    all the banks now offer lifetime free cards ( zero joining + zero renewal fees ). why go for paid?!

  3. No , this has nothing to do with your credit history or any thing with CIBIL . This is a common thing now a days . A lot of people do not know that negotiating with credit card fees, charges is very much doable and it works most of the times. In US there are many things you get when you ASK for it 🙂 . A lot of times even you can get your charges removed if you are a long term good customer of a credit card company and genuinely done a late payments.

    Congrats for 50% discount, you earned it 🙂


    1. Jitendra Chittoda says:

      Thanks Manish for quick reply.
      May be you can blog about it, so that people can know about those hidden offers.

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