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I received an intimation from HDFC bank regarding transaction confirmation for Rs.14,622.89 on 10 Nov 12 from VZWRLSS*PREPAID PYMNT  US. It is totally a fraud transaction and I have send the bank a credit card holder dispute form.I have never used my credit card on the net and the only recent transaction using the card was done at westend, Pune and at the restaurent, the sizzlers close to SGS mall Pune. On checking up  on the net rerarding VZWRLSS*PREPAID I found many people have been cheated in the similar way.

What shall I do to take the culprits to book?

How will I get my money Back?

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  1. HDFC Bank says:

    Dear Customer,

    We will take it up with the concerned team and get back to you with amicable resolution. Request you to mail us your card and contact details and ref id TTU000469526112012 at The ref ID helps us track your email and expedite the resolution process. Hence, you are requested to quote the same in the subject line of your email.

    HDFC Bank Customer Care

  2. Harsh says:

    Well did u ever received a call from any person claiming to be calling from any xyz membership club? They maybe knowing all details of your credit card making you trust the authenticty of caller?

    There is this huge fraud happening for last 2-3 years. where they will call you by your name giving all your details and then tricking you by asking details like cvv # etc.

    I am not sure HDFC will honour your claim, make sure u file an FIR at local police station/EOW office. Also get the card blocked immediately and ask for a replacement from HDFC.

  3. Bond Bhai says:

    Looks like a fraud. Call up the HDFC Bank, get you card blocked and raise a dispute on this transaction. HDFC will “investigate” this matter.

    See this thread for similar discussion –

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