Credit Card Woes

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I had two credit cards one from HDFC and other one from ABN AMRO.

In case of ABN AMRO, salesman told me that if I do purchasing of Rs.1000 within 1.5 month then the annual fees will be waved off. As per his instructions I did purchasing of Rs.1000 within that stipulated time frame. But still I got a bill with annual fees after a month. Hence I complained to the Call center executive gave the brief about my complaint. I also told him that I will be paying the amount which was spent by me and according I paid it through cheque. No further transactions done through the card and subsequently told them that I am returning it to them. But later on bills started coming with annual fees with charges. I again informed the call center executive and told him that I am not going to pay the annual fees which wasn’t there. Later on bills stopped coming.

In HDFC case I had used this credit card for one year and in one month while paying the dues I dropped my cheque in their drop box 3 days prior to due date. When next month’s bill received it came with late fee charges. I contacted to call center executive and told him that I had dropped my cheque 3 days in advance then how come this charges. He said it received 2 days later than my due date as was not having any proof I could not prove it. I paid the amount due to me excluding the charges. 2-3 month they sent the later but later on they stopped sending bills.

Above two instance happened to me and had forgotton also. But this year when I applied for Home loan from one of the housing bank then suddenly they put down one condition to give clarification about Credit card issues. They got this information from CIBIL which I was unaware of.

Now I need help to come out of this issue so that my housing loan clearance will be faster.



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  1. Akram Ali khan says:

    Dear sir my self Akram ali khan.i have to inform you that I have a saving bank account in raurkela odisha ,udit nagar account number is 23713.i had taken the loan of pmry scheme from the bank in the year of 23/3/2006 and I had cleared that loan in the year of 30/3/2010.after cleared the laon I had gotten the no due certificate from the bank.but after getting the no duo certificate I got a unfair deduction of 4090 rupees from the bank.i asked to the bank manager for this deduction but they are not giving the any good answer and still they did not refunded the deducted amount.please guide mai and suggest me how will I recover my deducted amount from the bank.

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      You shall complain to banking ombudsman here ..

  2. girishp1983 says:

    I too had a similar case.
    My last payment happened two days late.
    And I was slapped with a late fee of 250 Rs/- even though my card was closed.

    It kept on growing but the bank never informed me until 8 month later, when it crossed 2000 Rs/- and recovery guys called me.
    When I called back the call center, they immediately waived off the charge after looking at my case.
    I did not beg or refuse to pay the amount.
    It appeared to me as a good will gesture.

    However, the bank reported my status as ‘written off’ to CIBIL, which I came to know when I applied for a loan.

    All along, I had been a good customer and paid my dues diligently.
    So, this appears as backstabbing or trick to loot more money from me.

    RBI has a guideline that says that a customer has to be informed in advance if the bank is going to report -ve status about him into CIBIL.
    I have copy pasted the guideline below.
    What options do I have now?

    “Before reporting default status of a credit card holder to the Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd. (CIBIL) or any other credit information Company authorized by RBI, banks/NBFCs should ensure that they adhere to a procedure, duly approved by their Board, including issuing of sufficient notice to such card holder about the intention to report him/ her as defaulter to the Credit Information Company. The procedure should also cover the notice period for such reporting as also the period within which such report will be withdrawn in the event the customer settles his dues after having been reported as defaulter. Banks /NBFCs should be particularly careful in the case of cards where there are pending disputes. The disclosure/ release of information, particularly about the default, should be made only after the dispute is settled as far as possible. In all cases, a well laid down procedure should be transparently followed. These procedures should also be transparently made known as part of MITCs.”


  3. ASHAL JAUHARI says:

    Dear Rajaram, within the given situation, I feel you should pay back those charges immediately & get a clearance letter from the respective banks so that your home loan can be done within your desired time.

    Once your home loan application is sanctioned then only you should think for any litigation for your credit cards.

    Although it’s very sad that you are facing hardships due to malpractices of some executives but within the legal frame work the initial mistake is from your side for not clearing the matter of outstanding dues then & there.



  4. Rajaram says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    Can I take up this issue with any consumer forum wherein customers grievances can be taken up with such banks?


  5. Anand says:

    It seems ABN AMRO salesman lied to you regarding the annual fees. Best way is to pay the outstanding (im assuming its not too much) and get rid of the card. Get from them in writing that you have cleared everything. I suggest you to cancel this card.

    In case of HDFC, they might have played a trick with you, which I know that SBI plays with their card members (not picking up cheques on time).
    In this case also, enquire if any outstanding amount is there; if yes, pay and get it cleared. I suggest you to keep this card.

    In future, subscribe to online statements by email so that you will not miss the due date. Also try to pay online instead of a cheque.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Rajendran

    yea .. when i started reading the comment , the first point came to my mind was “His Credit Score will have issues” . A lot of investors do not realise that thing which they do today will haunt them in their later life .

    The option whic mr . R.Koshe has is to pay his dues and get the things rectified from this cibil report .

    Any other views ?


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