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POSTED BY rajarshi ray ON August 31, 2013 4:51 pm COMMENTS (3)

we can swipe internationally valid indian debit cards when travelling abroad. but we can not use them when shopping from a foreign site – why so? why all the foreign shopping sites accept internationally valid credit cards only?? i believe it is technically very much possible to implement it for internationally valid debit cards also. are all those foreign sites doing this deliberately and for a purpose and do they have any vested interest?????

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  1. rajarshi ray says:

    thanks ashal and chethan.

  2. Chethan S says:

    It’s not about technical limitations and vested interests, but it’s about protecting interests of the larger section of customers. To protect customers from fraudulent transactions, RBI mandated OTP/VbV/3DSecureCode based authentications for domestic transactions. International payment gateways do not use this method and are probably not interested in doing so just for the sake of Indian customers. All they need is card number and expiry date making things unsafe. Still, I guess some international debit cards work internationally – till recently ICICI and Axis used to work well.

    This old thread in digit forums would be of interest:

  3. Dear Rajarshi, had you asked with your bank for this thing? if yes, what is reply from there? Personally I feel, it’s in your interest that your debit card is not allowed. For credit card, the maximum risk you cary is the limit defined to you whereas for your debit card, the maximum risk is the amount available in your bank account & at times this may be very high than your credit card limit.



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