Debt fund. One for LS and one for SIP.

POSTED BY SK ON August 12, 2013 1:01 pm COMMENTS (3)

I have identified two debt funds-

 i) Canara Robeco Income (Growth)

ii) IDFC Dynamic Bond  (Growth)

for my follwoing requirements-

1. LS Investement now. To be liquidated after 4 years

2. SIP for next 5 years. Then start withdrawing through SWP over next 2 years.

Pl help me choose. Which fund is more suited  for Lumpsum investment and which one is fro SIP?


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  1. Dear SK, you should introspect yourself, why do you need to invest in 2 funds? What is there in splitting the money between 2 funds?



  2. SK says:

    Thanks Ashal!

    1. I was thinking of diversifying. Hence thought of these two funds. However, is it not really required to split into two funds?

    2. Are these two funds very similar to one another or there is some difference. I was just wandering if any difference in their porfoli or operating philosophy make one more suitable for SIP than the other?

  3. Dear SK, Please invest Lump sum & SIP in the same fund of your choice.



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