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Hi All,
I have started SIPs in ICICI pru tax plan and HDFC tax saver last year and now i want to introduce debt component in my portfolio.There are many different type of debt mfs like gilt, income, fmp, etc. i am not sure out of these which one to go for. I want to invest Rs.2000/- per month and my investment horizon is 1-2 years as I need this money in near future.
Value research suggest below schemes:

Fund NAV (Date) Returns(%) Return as on
Sahara Short Term Bond 13.14 (25-May) 14.50 5/25/2012

Baroda Pioneer Gilt 16.89 (25-May) 13.71 5/25/2012

Escorts Income 35.30 (25-May) 13.51 5/25/2012

Kotak Gilt Investment PF & Trust 37.65 (25-May) 12.70 5/25/2012

Kotak Gilt Investment Regular 36.87 (25-May) 12.70 5/25/2012

IDFC GSF PF Plan B 17.76 (25-May) 12.58 5/25/2012

IDFC GSF Investment Plan B 12.13 (25-May) 12.41 5/25/2012

IDFC Dynamic Bond Plan B 12.67 (25-May) 12.30 5/25/2012
SBI Dynamic Bond 13.37 (25-May) 12.30 5/25/2012

IDFC GSF PF Regular 17.47 (25-May) 12.18 5/25/2012

but i am not sure which ones are consistent performers.. please advice.

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  1. says:

    Thanks ashal..

  2. says:

    Im in lower tax bracket. Its not fixed that i will withdraw the invested money in an year or two. But I want investment to be liquid and doesn’t want to lock it..
    FYI i have started an RD three months ago of Rs. 5000/- P.M for 15 months

    1. Dear Rajan, as you are already investing in RD & considering the fact that you are in lower tax bracket but unsure of your actual holding period, you may invest in Kotak Gilt Investment Regular.



  3. Kapil says:

    I had a similar query. Pls. have a look just so you understand debt funds and the underlying assets in which they invest.



  4. Dear Rajan, @ 2K mly in 1Y it ‘ll be around 24-25K & 50K after 2Y, is it the basic requirement linked to any goal? Please confirm.

    If you are in lower tax, RD, as rightly pointed out by dear wealthucreate may be a better option.



  5. Friend, whats your tax bracket? If you are in lowest tax bracket you can go for RD offer at 10%. This would be safe option.

    what is your goal – you need 24k after one year?

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