Decision is right or wrong ?

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Dear Sir, Recently i have done Financial Planning course and i have bought 75 share of Nahar Spinning Mills Limited which is Textiles company and i bought that share because of that share was on the 52 weak low.It is my first invesment in the market.



Was it my decision right or wrong ?



Gautam Rankawat,FP

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  1. I think its better to sell off a stock if its on 52 weeks low considering you will make some quick bucks , if you want to buy it, then you need some solid research and time frame , Remember that there is a “reason” why its in 52 week low , that same reason can be prolong one !


  2. Ramesh says:

    Was it a financial planning course or market trading/investing course?

    Just because a share is on 52-week low is the reason you have bought it. then its a wrong decision. You should go through their statements, check out the scenario of the textile industry. Check out why the share is trading at that low level. And see, if the pessimism of the market is justified or it is wrong.

    If you cannot do that, dont invest directly.
    It is like standing in the middle of a cricket pitch, facing Malinga. Just having a bat wont help you. More times than not, you will be bowled (=you will lose money).

    Apply the principles of Financial Planning.

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