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POSTED BY Anurag Srivastava ON September 3, 2012 1:15 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello all ,

I am going to open a Demat Account .Can you please tell me what features should I look in my DEMAT Account .What are the things I should ask the representative about DEMAT Account .What are the criteria on which a DEMAT Account be rejected.

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  1. Hi Ashal ,

    I have an account with ICICI bank but thinking for sharekhan because of the above reasons ,they randomly cut surcharges from my SB ,what will happen if I have an integrated DEMAT .If you can give some review about Sharekhan then that will be helpful .How much time it will take approximately to transfer funds from ICICI SB to sharekhan

    1. Dear Anurag, in case of Sharekhan, money transfer from SB to Demat account ‘ll immediate but reverse ‘ll not be immediate & in case your request of this back transfer is after 1PM or 3PM (please check for exact cut off time from S’khan people), the money ‘ll not be transferred on same day but on next working day. This is the single biggest reason I’m asking you to go with bank based brokers.

      If you are going to do for heavy day trading or frequent churning of your portfolio, then only these low cost brokers (S’khan, Indiabulls, IIFL……) make sense.



  2. Dear Anurag, it’s advisable to have a Demat account with bank based brokers like SBI Cap Securities, I-Direct, HDFC Securities, IDBI, AXIS, Kotak…..

    Reason – the charges may be higher but money transferring from SB to demat & bact to SB ‘ll be a breeze.



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