Direct investment schemes

POSTED BY kkk ON December 25, 2012 9:34 am ONE COMMENT

Need clarification on direct investment schemes from MFs to be implemented from jan 1. Can any body in the know provide the answers please? I think it is very improtant info for many investors.

1. Is the deadline extended? I think the answer is no but seeing no information from any AMC, i am begining to have doubts.

2. Did any AMC anounce how they are going to implement it? Even if one AMC anounce, I think that is enough as all AMCs might have same procedure.

3. Can we convert existing funds bought through a broker to DIS? I think the answer is no. You need to redeem and reinvest in direct route. Need clarification on this.

4. Do the existing funds bought directly are automatically treated as DIS for separate NAV calculations? I think the answer is yes but need clarification.


I think due to TER the cost of funds is going to increase and this DIS will give back some of those expenses.

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  1. Dear kkk, as on date no clarification from SEBI so can not comment on exact modalities.



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