Diversified Equity Mutual Fund

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Hi Everybody,
I hv follow JI Advice since few days… i really appreciate their work keep it up JI (Jago Investor Team)

# I want to get 30 to 40 Lac for my Child Higher Education time horison 18 yrs SIP 5000 P.M.

According to this Blog I understand where should I invest money….Of Course In MUTUAL FUND…

bt Can u plz suggest me 5 to 6 best Divesified Equity Funds which perform gud since 3 & 5 yrs…..


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  1. JAGDEEP says:

    Ooooopppppssssss !!!!!!!!!!

    ok than thanx

  2. Dear Jagdeep, Why 5-6 funds? If 2-3 funds can’t do it for you, even 6-8-10 can’t do either. If you do not increase your SIP amount & keep it as it is i.e. 5K, @ 10% yly return your maturity amount after 18Y ‘ll be around 30L Rs. & @ 12% around 38L Rs. So you are pretty close to your target. Please keep investing.

    Invest in following funds –

    Franklin India Bluechip Fund Growth Option

    Quantum Long Term Eq. Fund Growth Option

    Happy investing



    1. JAGDEEP says:

      Hello Ashal first thnx a lot for ur advice…..actually i dnt kno more abt mutual funds….. In year 2011 I took two funds i.e. HDFC TOP 200 & ICICI FOCUSED BLUECHIP RETAIL GROWTH .. I hv invested 1000 pm each fund… It was my first time…thts why i asked suggest me 5 to 6 divessified fund bz from this fund i will take 3 funds which is better… now abt amount.. in last year i hv invested 2000 pm now i am going to invest 5000 pm…Is it gud turn or not ??
      I will increase my SIP amt step by step ok…bt now only 5000 pm before tht plz suggest me few Diversified Equity Mutual Funds which perform better since 3 to 5 yrs…..
      God Bless You…….


      1. Dear Jagdeep, please invest in your existing fund. be an investor of MFs & not the collector of MFs.



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