Documents missed by SBI Bank – What to do ?

POSTED BY Rakesh Kumar ON February 6, 2015 1:04 pm COMMENTS (4)


I am in pune and have home loan from SBI bank. I have transferred my home loan from HSBC to SBI 2 years before. That time SBI did not give me any list of documents (submitted to them). Now when I came to sell my home, I asked them about the documents (I submitted previously). I found that they have missed 3 documents in which Possession letter (given from builder) and no due certificate from HSBC bank are important.

When I asked one person, he told me that ask the same person whom I gave the documents. I do not remember the person who collected the missing documents.

Please suggest.

Rakesh Kumar

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  1. vinay100 says:

    File an RTI. you should get the information. I had two scenarios where i filled RTI and got benefited.
    1. I was supposed to close SB account of my deceased mother. When i approached SBI they told that there is no nomination for the account and hence they gave me a booklet wherein i am suppose to fill it . This was having hell lot of information. So, i doubted the SBI authorities and so i filed RTI for SB account application which was opened by my mother in 1980. i got the photo copy of it through RTI and i found that there was a nomination written on it and i got my issued resolved.
    2. There was a SBI life group insurance policy took by my deceased mother for 1 lakh and the premium of Rs.600 was supposed to be deducted by SBI authroites for this plan from the SB account. After my mother’s death i came across the information about this policy premium deduction for my mothers pass book.I wrote them back asking for explanation why they cannot pay me the death benefit. so they said that the policy is not in force and was closed by SBI life and so it cannot be given. So i filed RTI asking them to give me a photo copy of information where it said that the policy was closed by SBI Life( they were suppose to give a news paper Advertisment or personal letter to all the customers) but they failed to do so and gave me a response stating that they had put it on noticeboard of bank. so i filed a case in the consumer forum and won it in state forum and got my money with 4 years interest at a rate of 9% per annum.
    so i suggest you to file an RTI with the bank. no need to go to bank also .

  2. vinay says:

    u can apply for RTI.

  3. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Hi Manish, Thank you for your suggestion. But initially I did not have any letter from Bank about documents. when I send many mails then I got an email as acknowledgement and list of documents attached with that. Still in that attachment, I have not found missing documents information (that I have given those documents to bank). I have sent many reminder to bank but no action was taken and no acknowledgement was sent. As far as I know, SBI generally has not given any letter to any body who took loan from SBI.

    At all I mean I do not have any written communication that I have given those documents to bank.

    I dont know what to do now.


  4. You gave the documents to BANK and not a person . Bank can’t ask to you find the person. I suggest connect with the grievance cell of the bank and talk to them about this. Next step is to complain to banking ombudsman about this

    I hope you have a letter from bank where they mention which all documents you gave to them and its with them?


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