Does LIC tracks cancelled policy

POSTED BY sunil ON March 23, 2011 6:52 pm COMMENTS (2)

I applied a policy in LIC and given proposal number. I am frustated due to more lab tests in different times  and running between branch and hospital. Poor management.
I’m very disappointed with my branch and agent  and not go on further proceedings, Hence I would like to cancel and apply fresh in some other branch later.

LIC .. f**g officers do not know any process which are not usual… i.e if we fill the application as like others ( not mentioning ailments, no property details, no medical  etc) then the process will smoother otherwise they will feel you like fed up..


Have some questions regarding the same:

Does LIC stores all my filled data though I cancelled it ?
Will they cross check the data based on Name/DOB?
When can I reapply?



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  1. sunil says:

    I applied for Jeevan Amulya – plan:190. Applied in Arni branch – Tamilnadu
    — Will they give back lab test charges as I paid.. ?
    — Need to find good branch and good broker first ;-(
    — If I cancel the policy and apply in other branch, then I have to mention the cancelled policy allso as requested in the application form.. I’m not sure what are the procedures to be carried out for this case And I am sure those lic officer will make mess of that too!!
    — I am wondering… applying for plan made me fed up, then what about the claim processes are ? and how will my family will manage in absence of mine?

  2. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Sunil, Can you share the policy details for which you have already applied.

    You may cancel the existing existing application & may apply afresh with another agent/branch.

    If possible to you, please do share, why you are going with this policy at all?



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