Drawing power has been changing in my SBI Maxgain Account

POSTED BY kodatisu ON September 13, 2013 7:36 am COMMENTS (4)

I have a quesiton on the way how the limit / Drawing power has been changing in my Maxgain A/C. It has been a while that I am observing my a/c and I am sure I have some un-answered questions.

I took loan in SBI quite a while back and I have been parking some (infact significant ) amount in my a/c always. Every month I see that the interest debited from my a/c is changing based on the amount I have as a balance and I felt happy about it. However, I realized that the Limit / Drawing power is not reducing accordingly.

Here is what I assumed as EMI will be adjusted

EMI = Interest + Principal Amount repaid

Or in other words.

Change in Limit / Drawing power = EMI – Interest amount.

Having a closer look at my a/c, I feel this is not being followed, and I have significant amount of money un-accounted 🙁



From the previous month stmt :



Book Balance : 3064240


Limt : 878994


Available Balance : 3943234


Drawing Power : 3943234



My EMI is 41843.


From the monthyl online statement, Interest debited is 29581



So, from all mean, the difference 41843 – 29581 = 11952 should have been adjusted for Available balance.



However, my current month snapshot of statement is



Book Balance : – 3302254


Limt : 635927 ( I deducted some money from OD a/c I am not worried about it )

Available Balance : 3938180


Drawing Power     : 3938180



As you can see, the available balance reduced only by 5054 than 11952. I am not clear where the remaining 6898 has gone.

Unfortunaltely, I am away from the branch where I took loan and I am not getting enough support to answer the question. Any help greatly appreciated.


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  1. kodatisu says:

    Hello Ashalanshu,
    Thanks for the quick update. If I go through my DP closely, I am not getting any advantage of placing additional funds in my account ?.
    My EMI is 41843 and Interest deducted is 29581. Then my DP should reduuce by 11952. However, it went down only by 5054. I see this happening consistently.

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Kodatisu, your drawing power is your as on date loan balance.



  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Kodatisu, please demand a loan amortization schedule from your loan serving branch & comare the drawing power reduction with this. You ‘ll come to know. The DP is reduced not the way you are thinking. it’s reduced as per your loan amort. schedule.



    1. kodatisu says:

      Hello Shalanshu, Thanks for the update. I am relieved. May I know how I will be able to know the “real” outstanding loan amount ( Online ).

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