ELSS 2012-13 ?

POSTED BY Jeetu Ojha ON October 31, 2012 8:36 pm COMMENTS (7)

Hello frds

if direct tax comes in financial year 2013-14 is it good option to invest in ELSS in 2012-13 year as ELSS has 3 year locking period then 2013-14 and 2014-15 no tax rebate will be given still we can’t take out money?

jeetu ojha

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  1. Dear Jeetu, the least lock-in plan or instrument is ELSS – 3Y. All other instuments are 5Y & above.



  2. Jeetu Ojha says:

    Hi manish

    is it any tax benefits investment plan for 1 to 3 yrs ? i read few blogs and article in google , only found is F.D have 5 yrs locking period but interest earn is also taxable …

    Jeetu ojha

  3. Jeetu Ojha says:

    HI manish i read it again and tnks for guiding me again 🙂 and i had planned to invest in PPF and Mutual fund for 20 yrs period 🙂

    Thanks and regards
    Jeetu ojha

  4. Jeetu Ojha says:

    Hi Manish

    Thanks for the reply , actually i read ur book , i think again i have to refresh it 🙂 .. i will read again and if i have any doubt will get back to you 🙂

    Thanks and Regards
    Jeetu Ojha

  5. Jeetu Ojha says:

    Hi ramesh

    tnks 4 reply .. in simple im just confused to invest in PPF or ELSS , i checked in google ELSS give good returns like in canararobeco gives almost 12% returns.


    Jeetu ojha

    1. Jeetu

      That 12% is the past return based on how markets performed , in future depending on the market performance, the return can be -50% or 100% also . So dont look at the past return as the critieria . I can see that your concepts on equity and debt needs to be more stronger . Why dont you grab my book and read its third chapter . will help you


      Regarding your ELSS issue, as Ramesh pointed out . Once you get 80C benefit in this year , the benefit it already given to you , to get the tax benefit in next year , you need to make more investment in ELSS , but may be the ELSS will not be there altogether !

      I hope you got your answers !


  6. Ramesh says:

    What are you talking about?

    If there is no DTC, then investing 1L in ELSS in 2012-13 will give you benefit ONLY in this year and not in any subsequent year. To avail of the benefit, you will have to invest same amount every year in 2013-14, 2014-15, etc.

    If there is DTC, you still get the same benefit in 2012-13. Only thing will be that you will not get that benefit in subsequent years, when DTC (as per currently) will apply.

    So, for this year, DTC has got no role in ELSS.

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